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What's Different? Everything.

  • A dedicated Patient Experience team to look after all your needs.
  • An expert, integrated team of clinicians and therapists.
  • An holistic, personalised approach.
  • A beautiful, calming environment.

We have handpicked our team of clinicians and therapists to support you in achieving the best possible state of health and wellbeing.

Although many patients initially contact us for help with a specific health or sports performance concern, our clinicians look beyond the obvious symptoms to identify and efficiently deal with underlying causes.

We believe that to achieve optimum health you need to be in balance – physically and psychologically. Within our team we have the expertise to ensure that you receive the right type and combination of support.

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Advanced consultation and assessments.

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Tailored treatment approaches to achieve your health and performance goals.

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Warm and welcoming staff for all your needs.

Our Approach
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Melanie Greenway
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Danny Webber: Pro-footballer
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Caroline Bulmer
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We take great care in creating a welcoming experience for our clients. From the moment you arrive, you know you are in a special place.


Nunhold House
Hatton Technology Park
Dark Lane, Hatton
CV35 8XB

01926 801 111
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Who we help

  • Individuals & Families
  • Professional Athletes & Sports Teams
  • Businesses & Organisations

Across our team and services we help people of all ages and from all walks of life: from babies with tongue tie to older people living with dementia.

Our clinics are very family-friendly (including children’s play areas and baby changing facilities) but also provide calm and relaxing environments for adults, and discreet, confidential access for high-profile clients who value privacy and discretion.

We care for individuals, families, individual sports people and sports teams, and for business owners and their employees.

Individuals & Families

We look after individuals from all walks of life and take great pride in creating an environment that is welcoming to patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Our holistic approach to health means that although we often begin by treating an individual family member who is suffering with a specific health condition, their glowing recommendation brings other family members in to our clinics too.

You do not have to be in poor health to visit Core Clinics – in fact, we strongly encourage you to visit us to help you keep yourself in the best possible state of health and wellness.

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Individuals & Families

Professional Athletes & Sports Teams

Many of our clinicians and therapists have expertise and a passion for sport, and sports healthcare. Over the past few years we have developed, exclusively through word of mouth, a growing patient base across a number of sports, looking after patients from keen amateurs to Olympians and professional sports people.

We have particular expertise in the biomechanics of sports performance and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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Professional Athletes & Sports Teams

Employers & Employees

Whether you are self-employed, a small business owner or a senior manager in a larger organisation, we can help you to protect your business’s greatest asset: you and your team.

We specialise in treating some of the top causes of workplace absence and underperformance including back pain and chronic pain problems, stress and depression, and health problems related to lifestyle and obesity.

Our team includes nurses, GPs and occupational therapists who can deliver some appointments in the workplace, or before and after working hours, in order to reduce the time taken by your staff for medical appointments.

We can provide Occupational Health assessments and advice for a variety of issues.

For further information about our services for employers and employees contact

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Employers & Employees


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