How Yoga and Psychotherapy can be Effective Therapies for Your Low Back Pain

How Yoga and Psychotherapy can be Effective Therapies for Your Low Back Pain

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Have you ever suffered from back pain at least once in your life? The majority would probably show afflicted faces. Indeed, it is a very common issue which affects around 43% of the population in the UK. Despite most of the time the pain comes for just a few days, some of us can be affected by chronic back pain. In this case, back pain could negatively affect your daily life such as your performances at work, your mood or mental health.

Thankfully, relief is possible for adopting some remedies to cope with it:



  • The physical aspect of the back pain


Probably your first thought is to skip work and lie on your couch until the pain goes away. However, sitting can cause more stress for your hurting back whereas staying active and try activities such as yoga or pilates can be really helpful to minimise pain. You will learn how to keep the right posture and how to increase strength and flexibility at once. Also, it is good to reduce your stress which is due to all challenges of life and this will help your muscles to relax. Obviously, if you feel that your body is too under pressure, you can ask for help for certain poses to be sure you are performing it correctly without causing excessive strain for your back. In a nutshell, yoga therapy can be your medicine for your body and your mental wellbeing.



  • The emotional aspect of the back pain



Stress level is often very high within back pain patients and can be an influencing factor for avoiding everyday activities to be sure not to feel the pain. Also, emotions like fear and anxiety can be the cause for your back pain according to Harvard Medical School. Indeed, the mind can make you feel the pain as a protective barrier in order not to focus on these emotions which could generate a psychological breakdown. Psychotherapy can support the emergence of these hidden emotions and you will discover the cause of your negative feelings and how to accept and live with them. In this way, the mind will send negative input to our body since the breakdown danger disappeared.


TOGETHER We can do it!


The best thing to do if you are looking for help is combining physical and psychological treatments. Taking a holistic answer to this issue which considers not only the physical aspect but also other factors influencing the pain which are the social and psychological factors could be very effective to deal with this recurrent and disabling condition. Always think about wellness and balance in every daily activity which is vital to make positive changes about medical conditions such as low back pain.


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