World Mental Health Day: The Dangers And Benefits of Self-Diagnosing Online

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Psychotherapist Gary Harrington here at Core Clinics talked to HungerTv for World Mental Health Day all about the dangers and benefits of self diagnosing online..

“For most of us, the first port of call when we’re experiencing symptoms of an illness is to go straight to Google. Whether it’s a headache or an unusual rash, we’ll scurry to find out what’s wrong and — fortunately and unfortunately — the quickest way to do that is via the internet. Of course, it’s impossible to truly know what’s going on without visiting a healthcare professional, but that isn’t stopping millions of people from turning to the internet and social media to get an answer — especially when it comes to their mental health.”

“In many situations, a diagnosis can help the sufferer understand and feel understood and that can go a long way towards getting and receiving the help that is needed”

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