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Professional Athletes & Sport Teams



We offer a complete package for athletes: physical and biomechanical health, nutrition, fitness and psychological support

  • 15 Years experience in injury prevention and rehabilitating complex sports injuries
  • Over 400 professional and semi-professional athletes under our care
  • We really understand sports people and the challenges they face
  • Clear and accountable treatment programmes that deliver results
  • Beautiful, calming and discreet environment

We are privileged and honoured to work with over 400 professional and semi-professional athletes and sportsmen and women, from a wide variety of sports.  Many of our ‘regular’ patients are also keen participants in sport and they may come to us to help improve their sports performance or to help them overcome injuries or other issues.

Whether you are a professional sports person at elite level, a keen amateur, or someone who has been prevented from enjoying their sport of choice due to health issues, we have a plan and a package to help you get the most from your sport.

We offer a complete package for athletes including physical and biomechanical expertise, psychological support, nutriton and training plans, and support from medical doctors.

We have particularly strong credentials in:

Football – over 100 players from dozens of clubs from the Premiership and through the leagues, and an increasing number of international players

Cycling and triathlon – a comprehensive package for rider and bike, in partnership with Velo Atelier – who are based next to our Hatton clinic

Equestrian sport – we look after riders across dressage, eventing and show-jumping, racing, polo, western reining and people who ride for simple pleasure. We are a partner and sponsor of Dallas Burston Polo Club in Southam

Golf – we are the official healthcare provider of the PGA Europro tour and work closely with PGA Golf Professional Mark McGeehan

Para sport – we look after para athletes at Team GB level in sports including cycling, dressage and athletics

Ice hockey – we look after the team at Telford Tigers

Tennis – we are proud to work with and sponsor local Wimbledon hero Marcus Willis

We also work with many people from sports including rugby, cricket, athletics, iron man and endurance events, dance and more.


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Injury prevention

We don’t accept that injuries are inevitable.

If you are in optimum shape biomechanically, nutritionally and psychologically, you’re less likely to injure yourself – especially in a non-contact injury. And, if you do injure, it’s likely to be less serious if your underlying form is good.


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Injury recovery and rehabilitation

If you do suffer an injury, getting the right help, quickly, can also make a huge difference to the speed and completeness of your recovery.

Many of our patients come to us for the first time as a result of a poorly managed injury that has ended up causing them far more problems than it should have done. For others, they find themselves suffering one minor, niggling injury after another, and neither they nor their support team can get to the root cause.

As well as ensuring that all the bio-mechanical and soft-tissue factors have been considered we also take into account the psychological impact of injury (which can itself cause further injuries due to fear of injury).

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Sports performance

If you’re in good form and injury free, but you’re looking for performance gains, we can help.

Sometimes a fundamental change is required and you may find that your performance goes back before it leaps forward – and we’ll be there every step of the way to reassure you that you’re on track. Other times, we may recommend making a whole series of small adjustments that add up to a big performance gain.

We have helped athletes gain promotions to higher leagues and exceed their previous personal bests on multiple occasions.

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Are you struggling with injuries or have you hit a performance plateau? Would you love to get back to enjoying a sport you enjoy, but don’t believe you’ll be able to? We can help. Contact us to request a call back today.