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Individuals & Families

We provide exceptional and comprehensive primary care for individuals and families of all ages.

  • We look after patients of all ages from newborn babies to older age
  • Our clinics are family friendly and we have facilities for disabled patients
  • From general medicine to physical, psychological and nutritional health.

Many of our patients have been with us for years, transferring from our previous clinics in London and Rugby.

Historically we have been specialised in back pain, musculoskeletal problems and sports performance, and many of our patients have come to us initially with these.

However since opening in Hatton in September 2014 our team now includes a full range of medical and healthcare specialists including GPs, psychologists, dietitians and medicala esthetics doctors.

We are family-friendly practices: both clinics have children’s play areas and in Hatton we have lovely grounds and a children’s den that children can play in (supervision required).

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Private GP appointments

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Health and wellness care

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For the whole family

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Contact our friendly patient experience team on 01926 801111 or for advice on which of our clinicians or therapists you should initially see.