What Happens If You Don’t Warm Up Before A Run?

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Head of sports therapy, Jack Hinks talks to Advnture answering that age old question all runners want to know ‘Do I really need to warm up before a run?’

“Running is simple to do and very accessible to so many people, but there are also many ‘extras’ to think about. We are all told to ensure we do a warm up before a run, then a cool down after a run, as well as taking proper rest and recovery, plus adding in regular strength sessions. It’s no wonder then that runners ask what happens if you don’t warm up before a run? We spoke to the experts about whether runners really need to do a warm up before a run.”

“If you start to run – especially at a faster pace – when your muscles aren’t warmed up, you increase your risk of injury, such as muscle tears and pulls. 

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