Ways Pregnant And Postpartum Women Can Strengthen And Look After Their Backs

pregnant woman

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An extremely  knowledgeable and in-depth look at ways you can look after your back postpartum by Dr Stefaan Vossen.

“Although women often experience aches and pains during pregnancy – pelvic pain and back pain during pregnancy are the most common – these pregnancy symptoms are usually seen as unavoidable inconveniences that you just have to ‘put up with’. However, there are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t just put up with pain and discomfort, and why looking after your back is essential to your pregnancy, labour, and postpartum recovery.

When one of my long-standing patients (who is also a para-athlete) was pregnant we spoke about how pregnancy and birth would be an equal, if not bigger, challenge than any athletic event she had taken part in, but that she had far less support to prepare for it. You’d never set out to complete a marathon without undertaking a training plan, yet we somehow expect women to go through pregnancy, birth, and recovery with minimal physical preparation or ‘training’!

It can be helpful to approach pregnancy, birth and postpartum like training for a very specific series of athletic events!

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