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We have helped thousands of people to achieve a better state of health, or to reach their sports performance goals. If you'd like to know more about people like you who have benefited from our unique approach, contact us. Here's what some of our patients have to say about us.

shutterstock 77450803 500x350 - Richard Chaplow - professional footballer

Richard Chaplow – professional footballer

shutterstock 156649556 500x350 - Emma Sharman

I think the approach to weight management Dr Claire Parkes advocates is pure logic.

I tried Weight Watchers  (successfully lost 2 stone) but found myself returning after having put it back on. The cause was obvious. I ended up eating the same foods, in the same way, as before I started the diet. At the time I didn’t know of any alternatives other than the other standard diets out there. I really didn’t like the way dieting made me feel. I obsessed about the “bad food” which only wanted me want it more. This put me in a bad mood or made me feel guilty when I finally “weakened” and ate/drank it.

When I heard about Claire’s approach to how you think about food and your relationship with it, I was really keen to hear more. 7 months after completing the course I’m now just over a stone lighter. I eat when I’m hungry. I make appropriate food choices. I eat chocolate and drink gin. I only eat certain foods on an occasional basis. It’s not a diet, it’s just a logical way of thinking!

Emma Sharman

baby feeding 500x350 - Charlene C

I couldn’t have been happier with the service we were provided and was surprised at how quickly the procedure for my baby’s tongue tie was. Suzanne was great and answered all our questions. After having my daughter’s tongue tie done she seemed a lot happier and fed very well; her tongue healed very quickly and she never had any problems with it after. I would definitely recommend Suzanne to people and even passed her information on to my health visitor to recommend to people. I now have a very happy baby who likes to stick her tongue out a lot!

Charlene C

baby feeding 500x350 - Kate O

I was advised by my local feeding specialist to seek assessment of my daughter’s possible tongue-tie. I was able to make an appointment (with Suzanne Barber) within 48hrs and tongue tie was assessed and cut in the same session. Feeding was pain-free within 1 day and we haven’t looked back. I’m confident that without seeking treatment I would have not been able to continue breast feeding. The service I received was professional, thorough and comprehensive. I can highly recommend this service to anyone with feeding issues. I wish I’d known about it with my first child!

Kate O

Jo Jones 1 e1478441593252 500x350 - Grandmother of 7 year old boy with ADHD and ASD

The assessment today was extremely thorough and concluded with a probable diagnosis of combined ADHD and autism and we learnt more in three hours than we have in the previous three years and Dr. Jones’ obvious commitment, knowledge and experience instilled in us such confidence in her abilities that any recommendation she made we are keen to follow up.

Grandmother of 7 year old boy with ADHD and ASD

JBP 2564 500x350 - Kim Chandler MMus(Dist) BMusEd AMusA SESSION SINGER, INDUSTRY VOCAL COACH

I’ve known Charlie for many years, back when I was one of his vocal tutors. He’s a great singer and a great sports masseur – what a unique combination! I was delighted when he told me of his interest in extending his services to include larynx massage – a very specialist field that because he’s a singer himself he appreciated the importance of. I recommended that he train with one of the main pioneers of the technique which he embraced wholeheartedly. Such is my faith in him that I recently arranged for him to provide LMT to a high-profile artist I coach as routine vocal maintenance in the midst of an arena tour. Charlie was highly professional, proficient, knowledgeable and made everyone feel very at ease.


JBP 2438 1 500x350 - L Nineham

I have been visiting Charlie for a few months now, he makes you feel welcome and very comfortable. I came suffering with shin splints after a few sessions they have now gone. I can’t recommend him enough. Thanks!

L Nineham

IMG 0604 500x350 - Rob Pollard

Core Clinics have given me my life back. After 14 years of intense lower back pain and sciatica I am now pain free. I am even able to play golf which I thought would never be achievable. Stefaan and the Core team are brilliant at what they do and create a warm, welcoming customer experience. Their approach gave me confidence from the outset that they would achieve their goals and I’m pleased to say…they have.

Rob Pollard

JBP 2443 1 500x350 - Alex Delfont

After a really helpful email correspondence with Charlie a few weeks prior to my appointment, I finally made the
3-hour trip to see him! He was very friendly and welcoming, and it felt like he really understood my struggles with
my voice and throat. The session was a good mix of assessment, exercises to take away, massage and the
Laryngeal Manual Therapy. It felt very holistic, but also focussed on the problematic areas, and was just what I

It felt like finally I was getting attention in the area that had been causing me problems for so long, and that most other body workers were afraid to touch. Charlie obviously knew what he was doing, and managed to gently but firmly create some movement ease in and around my larynx. There was noticeable improvement in my voice by the end of the session, but mainly in the feeling of space, and shift in my general tension and tightness. If I lived closer and had a bit more time right now I would see Charlie a few more times and expect some big changes.

It’s been really helpful to receive continued support afterwards in the form of exercises, stretches etc.

Alex Delfont

JBP 2479 1 500x350 - Manuel Buck

I love to push the limits of the possible and go further…and Charlie always prepares me brilliantly for those events. And he puts all the pieces together afterwards. I travel a lot and had therapy in all sort of places of the world but Charlie is still the best. Thank you so much! Not only a very talented Therapist…also a very friendly, funny and kind person. Always a pleasure to see him.

Manuel Buck

Caroline Bulmer Testimonial Core Clinics 500x350 - Caroline Bulmer

It’s taken me from someone who was just sort of existing really, but permanently in pain to now….I don’t have to think about any of that. I can go to the gym…I can go for long walks, I can drive, I can, you know, live like a normal human being.

Caroline Bulmer

Danny Webber Testimonial Core Clinics 500x350 - Danny Webber: Pro-footballer

I wish I’d have met (Dr Stefaan Vossen) when I was 20. The importance he’s had on my body in the past couple of years has been immense. He’s been vital to me keeping fit.

Danny Webber: Pro-footballer

shutterstock 339637166 500x350 - S Jeffries

Charlie repaired my shoulder and got me back on the bike. Knowledgeable and friendly, I can’t recommend enough!

S Jeffries

JBP 2396 1 500x350 - L Taylor

Before starting soft tissue work with Charlie I was always stiff, inflexible and always had recurring pains when exercising. Now only a few sessions later I feel great!! Much more flexible and all my pains have either gone or reduced dramatically!!! 100% recommend.

L Taylor

Jan Hudson Testimonial Core Clinics 500x350 - Jan Hudson

I had a car accident in 1986 and broke my back and hips and pelvis and fractured by neck and my skull and was unconscious for 3 months and broke a lot of other bones in the process…I recovered fairly well but I continued to suffer lots and lots of side-effects, and the problems have caught up with me. Stefaan treats the whole of me, not just part of me.

At one stage I was on 14 different tablets, and they all react against each other and they all have different side-effects.

Stefaan has helped me with the pain a lot – in my back, head and jaw. He’s sent me to have treatment on my jaw.  They treat you as a person, as a whole person

Jan Hudson

John Moreland Testimonial Core Clinics 500x350 - John Moreland

‘For the last 5 or 6 years I’ve basically had no problems with my back and I can now continue to train, basically, for as long as I can keep my energy levels up…as long as I keep seeing Stefaan every 6 to 8 weeks!’

John Moreland

Mel Greenway Testimonial Core Clinics 500x350 - Mel Greenway

Core have made a fantastic difference to my life. They’ve looked at things holistically in my lifestyle – not just ‘treating’ the physical problem that I’ve come with. I have been to many healthcare practitioners in the past and I have never had the experience I’ve had here.

Mel Greenway

Poppy Testimonial Core Clinics 500x350 - Poppy Hudson

I used to have problems with my back and knee. Stefaan managed to work out what it was straight away and ever since I’ve been coming to him – which is less and less frequently now – I haven’t really had any problems.

Poppy Hudson

shutterstock 488524096 500x350 - Sue Matthewman

As so many people have said, I just wish I had come here sooner. Stefaan and his team are amazing, and not only are they brilliant at what they do, but they are all so friendly they make it a pleasure to visit. My very severe neck pain has now gone completely and I feel so much better. Ongoing treatment is also improving flexibility. I really do wish I had not spent years with nagging neck pain and only sought treatment when it got so bad I could not cope with it any more. All that is transformed and I cannot recommend this lovely team too highly.

Sue Matthewman

IMG 4785 500x350 - Mick Perrier

Where were you all thirty years ago when I needed you? After decades of hit and miss treatments elsewhere I found you courtesy of a chance meeting in an Indian restaurant!! You’ve rolled back the years, corrected decades of mismanagement and taken a shed load of weight off into the bargain. Huge gratitude to Marie, Jenny, Rob and Stuart for your integrated, holistic care. I can now look forward to my first pain-free holiday for years wearing clothes I haven’t touched in ages. Here’s to a long and healthy future relationship.

Mick Perrier

IMG 4384 500x350 - Andrew Dawber

I have known Stefaan for years now and I can honestly say there is no person/company that offer the service that Core does. And what is more eye-opening is the fact that they offer amazing services, the standard of that service, the help and advice alongside that is second to none! Keep it up everyone!

Andrew Dawber

shutterstock 174199838 500x350 - Becky Doyle

So after a few weeks running with agony around my upper thigh and back area, I decided to go and see the team at Core. I have two half marathons coming up next week within 6 days of each other and I thought they would tell me not to run. Instead I saw the sports therapist who helped no end and just after one session my thigh felt OK, I then got to go on the dry hydro therapy bed which was like heaven. Thanks so much for your help and I definitely will be making it part of my London marathon training plan now.

Becky Doyle

shutterstock 271646879 500x350 - Brian Messam

Brilliant facilities for wellbeing! My neck and shoulders for many years were in chronic pain even with two operations. Several visits to the centre and Dr Stefaan I’m 85% pain free.

Brian Messam

Becky Claire small 500x350 - Emma Godfrey

I have been having reflexology due to suffering for years with plantar fascitis. Well, after the first treatment my feet felt amazing and as the number of treatments built up, my feet continued to improve and I didn’t have to take pain killers anymore and could walk without pain.  The reflexology also had an amazing effect on my monthly cycle; I was never regular and the reflexology sorted that out and is the reason I was able to conceive my second child without the medical intervention I had to have for my first. Can’t recommend it enough.

Emma Godfrey

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