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Joli Knott

Joli Knott

As a Reiki practitioner, Joli strives to help empower her patients, and help them feel hopeful and revitalised in relation to their own sense of well-being.

Joli’s intention is to function as a cheerleader of sorts as she helps patients address the subtle energies that work hand in hand with conventional/physical treatments to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort. In this way, Joli hopes to contribute to the clinic-wide goal of bringing about a return to a state of health (whole-ness) for our many patients.

Joli was first introduced to Reiki in her quest to start a family in early 2006, and completed her Level I and II training shortly after that in Japan, the land of this treatment modality’s birth. Initially providing Reiki treatments to family and friends Joli has more recently begun to treat private patients.

Joli continued her practice and training over the years, and attained Level III, or Master Practitioner, shortly before leaving Japan in 2013.

Joli is currently working on completing her Master Teacher training, which will allow her to teach Reiki to anyone who chooses to learn about this wonderfully gentle healing system.

In addition to her Reiki training, Joli has studied with Maeda-Sensei of Medical School Navia in Osaka, and was the first non-Japanese graduate to be certified in 2013 in his system of Qigong and Aromatherapy Healing.

Ever the student, Joli is continuing her studies in understanding the different aspects of healing, and just finishing up a 12-week course called “SmartBody, SmartMind” with Irene Lyon.

Irene’s training in the Feldenkrais Method and Somatic Experiencing has led her to create a training course which addresses trauma through a holistic focus on the nervous system; she blends the arts of science and intuition seamlessly, and Joli hopes to emulate her successes within her own offerings at Core Clinics.

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Joli Knott

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