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Dr Stefaan Vossen - Chiropractor

One of the most successful chiroprators in the UK

Our Clinical Director, Dr Stefaan Vossen (DC) is one of the most successful chiropractors, and private clinicians, in the UK.

Stefaan has an exceptional success record in the treatment of patients with chronic, complex back pain and musculoskeletal problems. He has helped patients to recover from serious injuries and very long-standing problems, and those who have tried many other approaches, including other chiropractors, before finding Stefaan.

Stefaan also looks after several hundred athletes and sports people; helping them to get to the bottom of recurring injury problems, rehabilitate, and achieve optimum performance.

Son of a GP specialised in tropical diseases and a nurse, Stefaan was born into one of the world’s largest clinical families – the second generation of the Meersseman / Vossens, currently standing at over 20 surgeons, doctors and other clinicians.

Although born in Belgium, he spent his early childhood in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) where his father was the head of medicine at the hospital of a major diamond-mining operation in Mbuji-Mayi.

All four of Stefaan’s maternal uncles are very successful chiropractors, now practicing in Belgium and Italy, where Stefaan spent many summers in his youth. During this time Stefaan’s eldest uncle and mentor Jean-Pierre Meerseman was personal clinician to world leaders and royalty, and later as Medical Director of AC Milan FC and founder of MilanLab (the gold standard in sports science) he looked after the world’s sporting elite.

Growing up in this environment, a career in healthcare and sports science was always on the cards (notwithstanding a brief leaning towards carpentry or design) and Stefaan duly first studied physiotherapy and then qualified as a doctor of chiropractic at the AECC in Bournemouth.

After 6 years in practice Stefaan established his own clinical business – first called The Chiropractic Network, since changed to Core Clinics, reflecting the wider range of clinicians and therapists now involved. Having previously practiced in Rugby (Warwickshire) and Wimpole Street in London, Stefaan is now owner Clinical Director of both Core Physiatry (our specialist biomechanics and back pain clinic) and Core Health and Wellness (our integrated clinical centre of excellence on the Hatton Estate in Warwickshire).

His personal practice has grown almost entirely by recommendation and referral and he is now one of the most successful independent clinicians and chiropractors in the UK. Olympians, para athletes and professional sports people (including around 150 professional footballers from over 30 clubs) mingle alongside patients with apparently previously ‘unresolvable’ back pain or musculoskeletal problems in his clinic.

He also manages a team of 25 (and growing) clinicians and therapists from backgrounds including medicine, physical therapies, diet and nutrition and psychology/psychiatry including GPs and consultants. This team now manages in excess of 7000 patients.

Stefaan is driven by a mission to transform the way healthcare and sports performance are delivered, combining the best of different healthcare and related disciplines to achieve ever improved outcomes for patients. He says ‘there is an unhelpful and unrealistic ‘line’ drawn between ‘conventional medicine’ and ‘alternative and complementary healthcare’. In reality, the practice of medicine includes a significant component of protocols that are not much researched or proven, and a large part of the reason that ‘gold standard’ research is lacking in ‘alternative’ healthcare is because the research methodology that has been developed is more suited to medical, and specifically pharmaceutical treatments.’

‘In spite of ground-breaking research and undoubted improvements in many areas of healthcare and medicine, it’s clear that we are still failing to tackle, and have a huge challenge ahead of us, in managing a whole host of health problems ranging from obesity to back pain, depression to dementia. In my experience the best results are achieved not by focusing on conditions and symptoms as medicine often does (and has to manage them with medication) but identifying the underlying causes of illness (biomechanical, biochemical, psychological) and applying an integrated treatment approach’.

‘In terms of sports performance, again in spite of huge budgets and significant progress in many areas, the incidence of injury and performance problems in athletes even at the highest level is astonishing. Again, I have found that traditional ‘silo’ thinking (physios not talking to sports psychologists, chiropractors not looking at gait or occlusion) is often to blame. You can have all the data in the world about your athletes, but if you don’t know how to give it meaning or how to treat people, all you have is a lot of data and no accountability.’

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Dr Stefaan Vossen (DC)

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