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Whether you have come with a specific health problem, or with the intention of improving your overall health and wellbeing, it is our goal to support you to achieve the best possible results for you.

Osteopathy Specialist

Dr. Katie North (DO) has clinical experience both in the UK and Canada, where she worked in an integrated clinic offering shared care with the chiropractor, physiotherapist, and remedial massage therapists.
Katie uses a range of techniques including manipulation, muscle energy techniques, stretching, strain counter-strain techniques, mobilisation, myofascial techniques, visceral osteopathy, and neuromuscular techniques.
As well as treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions,  Katie has also worked with great success with patients with more visceral and abdominal issues such as IBS, gastrointestinal symptoms and menstrual issues  She also specialises in the treatment of patients with headaches and migraines.
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Dr Katie North

  • Osteopath
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