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Our unique approach
to health, wellbeing &

We can help you choose the right clinician, or combination of clinicians, to achieve the results you are seeking

Whether you have come with a specific health problem, or with the intention of improving your overall health and wellbeing, or your sports performance, it is our goal to support you to achieve the best possible results for you.

The clinicians and therapies at Core have been hand-picked in order to offer you the health promoting services that we believe are most important and valuable to you.

If you know you are interested in a specific treatment, or a particular clinician, we will be happy to schedule an initial appointment with them. If, following your first appointment, you or your clinician feel that treatment with another member of the team would be beneficial for you, we will go out of our way to coordinate your treatment plan to be easy, time-efficient and cost-effective for you.

Alternatively, if you aren’t sure how to approach your health problems or how best to improve your performance, we will gladly make a recommendation to you for the senior clinician who may be most relevant for you. They will then develop a proposed plan of action for you.

To find out a little more about some of the key areas of health that we can help with, click on the most relevant section below.


Core Clinics offer a personalised, proactive and holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

We enable patients and clients to overcome their health challenges, and support professional athletes to perform at their optimal best.