We have spent many years refining our treatment plans so that they are not only clinically-effective, but also offer the best possible value for your money and time. Ts and Cs apply.

* 10% discount is available for all packages of appointment purchased, Ts&Cs apply

How much is it likely to cost altogether?

We try to be as clear and transparent as possible about costs.

Because our treatment protocols usually involve more than one clinician or therapist (because research and our experience show that’s what works best) you may initially spend more at our clinic than you might have spent elsewhere.

However, by making this initial investment in your health you are likely to spend less money, time – and less time in pain or injured – in the long term.

After your initial assessment, we will give you a clear recommendation including anticipated costs and any alternative options for you to consider. Our experience means we can be very clear about whether we are likely to be able to help you and how much of an improvement we’re likely to be able to help you achieve. So, it’s highly unlikely that if you follow our care recommendations you won’t see a significant improvement.

Indicative prices for first 6 weeks and 6 months (for typical patients)

Core Clinics Pricing & Packages

Comprehensive consultation

We offer discounts for advance bookings and payment for recommended protocols, and a 10% discount on blocks of 8 treatments for many of our services

Core Clinics Pricing & Packages

We offer multiple
ways to pay

Core Clinics Pricing & Packages

Private health

Because insurers and policies vary in what treatments and sums they cover we recommend that you enquire with your insurer before starting any treatment that you hope to claim back under your policy.

Core Clinics Pricing & Packages

Organisation /

We offer employee healthcare for a number of local businesses. If this is of potential interest to your business or employer, please enquire.

Over 70% of our patients say our services offer better or significantly better value than other clinics they have tried

(Patient survey 2021)

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