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The Warwick based podiatrists at Core have been hand-picked in order to offer you the podiatry services that we believe are most important and valuable to you.

Whether you have come with a specific health problem, or with the intention of improving your overall health and wellbeing, or your sports performance, our podiatrists will support you to achieve the best possible results for you.

Alternatively, if you aren’t sure how to approach your health problems or how best to improve your performance, our Warwick based podiatrists will gladly make a recommendation on which treatment will suit your needs.

Our Treatment Process

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Depending on the nature of your problem (which will have been established by our Patient Care team from your initial enquiry or by the clinician who has referred you internally) there are different types and lengths of Podiatry assessments. For relatively simple or localised problems (affecting only the foot or lower limb) a 30 minute assessment will enable our very experienced Podiatrist to precisely identify the problem and propose a treatment plan to you. For more complex issues which are related to more general biomechanical problems (e.g. lower back pain) a more technically-detailed assessment taking up to 90 minutes may be required. Because even small imbalances in the feet can have a significant effect on posture and movement, it’s important that we take detailed and very accurate measurements of your feet and your movement patterns.

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Recommendation & Initial Treatment Plan

Following your assessment, your podiatrist will advise your best course of treatment which generally involves a combination of physical therapy and the use of ‘orthotics’ (special inserts that you wear in your shoes).

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Delivery of Treatment

Depending on your treatment protocol you are likely to be recommended to visit our podiatrist for between 3 to 6 weeks. If orthotics are prescribed you will be asked to return after a period of time for a review visit where any modifications required can be made. Our podiatrist often sees patients in combination with our movement coach, to speed and maximise recovery.

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At the end of your initial treatment protocol your podiatrist will review your progress with you. If further treatment is recommended they will discuss this with you including the expected results and any alternative options for you to consider. If you have been given orthotics a further review at 6 months and / or at 12 months is likely to be recommended so that the podiatrist can review changes over time and make any further alterations or recommendations as required.

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Maintenance care generally consists of early intervention if you experience any relapse in the problems you initially presented with or any new symptoms. Your podiatrist will advise further after your initial treatment protocol is completed.

Core Clinics offer a personalised, proactive and holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

We enable patients and clients to overcome their health challenges, and support professional athletes to perform at their optimal best.