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Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat physiological symptoms including pain, stiffness and reduced range of movement. As well as recommending appropriate hands-on treatment, our physiotherapists can advise you about self-care strategies and exercise which is safe and beneficial for your recovery.

Physiotherapists can help you to manage pain, improve your range of movement, and help you to rehabilitate fully and more quickly following an injury. A well-managed rehab process can reduce your risk of reinjury or ongoing discomfort.

At Core Clinics our physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of injuries and they also work together with our chiropractors and osteopaths to help patients with chronic pain conditions.

Many people associate physiotherapists with sporting injuries like pulled hamstrings and, indeed, they do have expertise in these areas. But our physiotherapists can also help with aches, pains and injuries from a whole variety of causes, and across the whole body.

Unsure which treatment is best for you? Check our suggestions for which clinician we recommend for your first appointment here or contact us.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based regulated primary healthcare profession.

Physiotherapy is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of tissue injuries and biomechanical issues throughout the body. Physiotherapists are highly-trained regulated healthcare professionals and the physiotherapists in our team have significant post-graduate training and experience including teaching others.

At Core Clinics, our physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of acute injuries, and they also work alongside our chiropractors and osteopaths to treat chronic (long term or recurring) conditions including lower back pain (including patients with disc hernias/disc degeneration), chronic headaches and migraines. We also specialise in supporting sportspeople in recovering from injury, reducing the risk of injury, and optimising their sporting performance.

How we can help you

Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to offer advice about the best approach for your problem, or to answer your questions.

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Comprehensive consultation, examination and health history

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A clear diagnosis with recommendations for self-management and treatment protocols

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We work in partnership with our patients to deliver consistent results, with regular reviews and follow ups

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Physiotherapy or Sports therapy?

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based regulated primary healthcare profession.

If you’re unsure whether you should see a sports therapist or a physiotherapist, don’t worry. At Core Clinics our physiotherapists and sports therapists often work together to deliver different aspects of our patients’ treatment plans. Our patient care team are trained to help you decide which professional is best to see for your initial appointment, and they will then advise which treatment approach or approaches is best for you. Although physiotherapists and sports therapists have overlapping expertise and treatment approaches, by having both these professions in our team we make sure that you access the best combination for your needs.

If you are looking to claim for your treatment through a health insurance policy you may find that physiotherapy is covered but sports therapy isn’t. If this is the case for you we recommend that you book an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

Our physiotherapists

Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability to recover or retain effective movement and pain reduction.

Because they work on soft tissue (muscles, connective tissue etc.) they can be a good complement for chiropractic treatment – in combination the improvement is likely to be more rapid and sustained.

Physiotherapy Core Clinics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our health and wellness centre is a holistic clinic where clinicians and therapists with different skillsets work together to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. Medical clinics typically focus more on conditions and symptoms, which might be treated with pharmaceuticals or surgical interventions. Alternative and complimentary health clinics typically take a holistic approach to client care, seeking to address underlying causes of symptoms such as stress, poor nutrition, or psychological issues. There is typically more evidence for medical interventions than for complementary healthcare – but that doesn’t mean that complementary treatments can’t be effective – it can just mean that nobody has funded research. In our clinic we seek to combine the best of care for which there is high quality evidence, delivered by regulated healthcare professionals, with complementary healthcare modalities, which support patients’ overall wellbeing.

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Core Clinics offer a unique, integrative approach to health and wellbeing and sports performance.

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We’ll explain in detail our recommended treatment approach and give you lots of advice for self-care. If we feel you’d be better served with another clinical professional, we’ll let you know and arrange a referral.

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