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Osteopaths help patients heal from debilitating symptoms like back pain, neck pain, and headaches with a combination of hands-on treatments and self-care guidance.

Osteopaths at Core Clinics

Osteopaths at Core Clinics are trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of chronic pain conditions, including headaches, migraines, and back pain, among others.

Osteopaths are healthcare professionals who diagnose, treat, and help patients avoid developing health issues by manipulating, stretching, and massaging their patients’ muscles and joints. Osteopathy is founded on the idea that a person’s overall health and well-being are directly related to the degree to which their bones, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue all work together in a coordinated manner.

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What exactly is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a primary healthcare profession that is based on evidence and is regulated.

The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pain and disorders, particularly connected with the musculoskeletal system – including joints, muscles, and other tissues – are the primary focuses of osteopathic medicine. In addition to this, osteopathic treatment helps enhance the operation of the neurological system, which is excellent for the health of the body as a whole.

Osteopaths are highly-trained medical professionals that are licenced by the government. They have specialised knowledge and expertise in the treatment of problems such as back pain, knee pain, hip pain, joint pain, and headaches that are caused by muscular tension.

Our osteopaths at Core Clinics specialise in the treatment of chronic (long-term or recurring) conditions such as lower back pain (including patients with disc hernias/disc degeneration), chronic headaches and migraines, and optimising their sporting performance. These conditions include patients with disc hernias/disc degeneration who are looking for an osteopath in the Heathcote area.

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What do osteopaths do?

Osteopaths look at, diagnose, and treat physical pain and conditions that start in the musculoskeletal system or have something to do with it.

Your osteopath will always complete a comprehensive consultation and assessment prior to recommending any treatment programme. This evaluation will look at your current and past symptoms and problems, as well as your health concerns and top priorities. It will also include detailed physical, functional, and neurological tests. Once this evaluation is complete, your osteopath will make a treatment recommendation.

Our osteopaths take a holistic approach to the treatment of the whole body and the whole person. This means that they look at not only how well your neuromusculoskeletal system works as a whole, but also your diet, mental health, any underlying medical conditions, and how you live.

Based on the results of your consultation and assessment, your osteopath will give you a detailed report of what they found and how they diagnosed it. This will tell you not only what your condition or issues are, but also why you are having them. This information will be given to you based on the results of your consultation and assessment. They will then go on to describe the many treatment options that are available to you, as well as the likely outcomes, benefits, and any potential dangers or side effects that are associated with the various treatment options that are available to you.

Our osteopaths also give their patients advice on how to take care of themselves, such as through exercise, and suggest care packages that are made to fit the needs of each patient. Depending on the situation, these care packages may include practitioners from the Core Clinics or practitioners from outside the clinics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our health and wellness centre is a holistic clinic where clinicians and therapists with different skillsets work together to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. Medical clinics typically focus more on conditions and symptoms, which might be treated with pharmaceuticals or surgical interventions. Alternative and complimentary health clinics typically take a holistic approach to client care, seeking to address underlying causes of symptoms such as stress, poor nutrition, or psychological issues. There is typically more evidence for medical interventions than for complementary healthcare – but that doesn’t mean that complementary treatments can’t be effective – it can just mean that nobody has funded research. In our clinic we seek to combine the best of care for which there is high quality evidence, delivered by regulated healthcare professionals, with complementary healthcare modalities, which support patients’ overall wellbeing.

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Core Clinics is a welcoming and professional multi-disciplinary clinic that puts patients at the very centre. We treat patients looking for osteopathy in Heathcote in a way that is both safe and effective. If you are experiencing pain in your neck, shoulders, or back, as well as arthritis, headaches, knee difficulties, or any other aches and pains, our osteopaths can help you feel better. 

Osteopathic treatment can be beneficial to people of any age; there is no upper age limit. We can help you feel better if you have aches and pains, are recovering from an injury, or are having a hard time physically dealing with the problems that life throws at you. Find out how an osteopath can help you by getting in touch.

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