Maintaining health and managing symptoms during lockdown


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It’s Core, but not as you know it

What a week it’s been (understatement of the year, so far, right?)

In the past 7 days we’ve gone from doing everything we possibly could to stay open to keep looking after you, to deciding we needed to close to keep you safe.

Then we’ve moved heaven and earth to replace our usual face to face care with online care solutions, so you can continue to be looked after even while the clinic is closed. We’ve also set up an online community so we can continue to support and inspire you there.

Free online telehealth appointments for our patients who are NHS staff

We’ve still got your back

From speaking to many of our patients in the past week it’s clear that each and every one of us is dealing with a lot: some are more minimally affected for now, but for others the impact of coronavirus is already very significant. The impacts are likely to affect more people in more ways in the coming weeks and months.

Whilst we remain, as ever, optimistic, and committed to do everything we can to continue to serve you, we have some challenges ahead. Whilst we very much hope to be able to reopen within the coming weeks, our priority has to be the safety of our patients and team, and so it may be that this re-opening is delayed either by us or by government.

With this in mind we would strongly encourage all our patients not to ‘wait until we reopen’ before taking steps to maintain your health and keep any chronic conditions under control. 

There is a great deal that you can be doing now, which we can advise you on, to give yourself the best chance of feeling well and managing any pain or other symptoms between now and when you can resume face to face care.

The longer you leave it to start taking enhanced steps towards self-care and self-management of your health or health conditions, the more likely it is that you will run into issues in the coming weeks and months.

With the vast majority of local clinics now closed (and most unable to offer online care) and non-urgent NHS operations and appointments now delayed for the foreseeable future, there is likely to be a real shortage of availability of the type of care we offer in the coming months.

We therefore encourage all of our patients to start planning NOW to remain in the best possible shape and keep symptoms in check.

Online / video consultations
We would encourage all our patients to schedule a telehealth consultation with your main practitioner in the team as soon as possible.

Using a secure video call (which can be recorded and sent to you if you wish) we are able to give you advice and a plan to help you manage your health at home or within the restrictions of social distancing.

We are also able to offer a whole range of our ‘treatment’-type appointments online, and patients who have had these appointments already are finding them invaluable.

If you’re in any doubt or still thinking you’ll wait and see or wait until we are open again we strongly encourage you to contact us now instead. The advice and self-care plan we may be able to give you today could save you being in pain or seeing a deterioration of the progress you’ve made with other symptoms, in the coming weeks. 

We will be in touch regularly with updates. In the meantime please keep in touch and get updates from:

Our website:
Our social media channels (click on icons below)
Our facebook group Core Connects (you need to ‘join’)

Due to government stipulations for small business support we have had to ‘furlough’ a number of our employees; this means that our telephone lines are not fully manned at present and the quickest and best way to get through to us is by email to We will update you if this changes.

On behalf of the whole of our team we send you our very best wishes for you and your loved ones at this challenging time. Please continue to reach out to us and we will do whatever we can to help

The Core Team

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