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How we’ve helped others

Core Clinics have given me my life back. After 14 years of intense lower back pain and sciatica I am now pain free. I am even able to play golf which I thought would never be achievable. Stefaan and the Core team are brilliant at what they do and create a warm, welcoming customer experience. Their approach gave me confidence from the outset that they would achieve their goals and I’m pleased to say…they have.

Rob Pollard

Earlier this year I damaged my Achilles Tendon and Stuart recommended Shockwave treatment. This has been very successful and I am now able to walk normally. During this time Stuart noticed that I was not standing properly and, after checking the reason suggested I use insoles for my shoes. This has resulted in the disappearance of long-standing Hip pain. Thank you Stuart.

Eric Shaw

Just out of session with Stefaan Vossen. With a couple of clicks and twists, he has once again resolved my aches and pains instantly. To Stefaan and his team, something like this is probably a simple thing and just part of the day job, but I personally have never received healthcare like it and I think the whole team is outstanding. Everyone from the the friendly and efficient front of house team, to those working behind the scenes and within the different functions and of course the main man himself, who is clearly passionate about what he does. Keep doing what you are doing team Core! HIghly recommended. With heartfelt thanks.

Any Price

        Don't just take our word for it

        We have helped thousands of people to achieve a better state of health, or to reach their sports performance goals.

        We provide a unique, collective approach to health and wellbeing. We enable clients to overcome their health challenges and professional athletes to perform at their optimal best.

        If you’d like to know more about people like you who have benefited from our unique approach, contact us.

        Here’s what some of our patients have to say about us here at Core Clinics.


        Why choose Core Clinics?

        It’s taken me from someone who was just sort of existing really, but permanently in pain to now….I don’t have to think about any of that. I can go to the gym…I can go for long walks, I can drive, I can, you know, live like a normal human being.

        Caroline Bulmer

        I wish I’d have met (Dr. Stefaan Vossen) when I was 20. The importance he’s had on my body in the past couple of years has been immense. He’s been vital to me keeping fit.

        Danny Webber, Pro Footballer

        For many years I have had pain in the front of my foot, to the point I could hardly shop. I did not want to have surgery or steroid injections. So I reluctantly went to see Stuart after a few treatments I have never had the pain again and can happily shop

        Denise Wilkinson

        Having visited Stuart regarding an issue I was having with my toe on one foot, Stuart diagnosed Morton’s neuroma. Sounded a bit scary but Stuart assured me he could make improvements without surgery. He also commented without me mentioning it, that I was probably getting pain in my back, which was very true. I did not mention this as I always thought a chiropodist only dealt with feet. Having had 5 or 6 appointments with Stuart I can report my back problem has improved. I would often have to stand for hours on end, usually in the kitchen, which always gave me very bad backache.

        Morton’s Neuroma/Back Pain

        All I can say is The Core team have changed my life. I have been struggling with severe back and leg pain for a couple of years and as I’m only in my early 30’s felt so limited with so many aspects of life. I’d stop going out, even for a drink as I couldn’t sit for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable. I can honestly say, now looking back I was becoming very withdrawn and depressed and just unhappy.

        I’d already seen a chiropractor, physio and osteopath all of which gave me different diagnoses with no results, in fact, the pain was worsening.

        It was only by chance I heard of Core and although it’s an hour away from where I live thought I might as well give it a go.

        Since the moment I step foot in the Core doors at the end of January 2019, I have been made to feel so welcome by the fabulous reception staff, and all the amazingly talented team who have worked their magic on me, namely Stefan, Rob, and David. Each has played their part in giving me my life back.

        I still have some way to go but never for a second thought I’d ever even feel myself and comfortable again. I’d been told so many times there’s nothing that could be done for me and tablets were my only way of managing the pain (which didn’t even help!).

        I now take no tablets, am exercising daily and enjoying my life to the full all thanks to the team at Core.

        Back Pain

        Core has made a fantastic difference in my life. They’ve looked at things holistically in my lifestyle – not just ‘treating’ the physical problem that I’ve come with. I have been to many healthcare practitioners in the past and I have never had the experience I’ve had here.

        Mel Greenway

        Where were you all thirty years ago when I needed you? After decades of hit and miss treatments elsewhere, I found you courtesy of a chance meeting in an Indian restaurant!! You’ve rolled back the years, corrected decades of mismanagement and taken a shed load of weight off into the bargain. Huge gratitude to Marie, Jenny, Rob, and Stuart for your integrated, holistic care. I can now look forward to my first pain-free holiday for years wearing clothes I haven’t touched in ages. Here’s to a long and healthy future relationship.

        Mick Perrier

        So after a few weeks running with agony around my upper thigh and back area, I decided to go and see the team at Core. I have two half marathons coming up next week within 6 days of each other and I thought they would tell me not to run. Instead, I saw the sports therapist who helped no end and just after one session my thigh felt OK, I then got to go on the dry hydrotherapy bed which was like heaven. Thanks so much for your help and I definitely will be making it part of my London marathon training plan now.

        Becky Doyle

        The problem with my toe is also much better it has gone from searing pain to dull pain, and only after walking for a length of time. It has been a couple of months since I last saw Stuart and all the improvements are still there. I would urge anyone who has problems with their feet or lower back pain, visit Stuart, as you never know he may be able to help you.

        Sue Hancock

        Sue Adams Like many I was recommended to Core. I arrived in April & my main complaint was low back pain. During my assessment with Stephan, we got onto headaches. I explained I suffered regular headaches & migraines. He suggested a 2 pronged attack. Stephan treated my lower back & Katie would concentrate on my headaches.

        Fast forward 2 months… my headaches are under control, thanks to a strong coffee every night 😲 & my back pain is definitely improving, thanks to a small heel lift. I’ve gone from taking prescription painkillers several times a day to perhaps 1 or 2 a month.

        At my initial assessment (without the need for expensive scans) Stephan was the first person in 16yrs to tell me why I had backache.

        If you suffer from back pain, headaches or migraine, just give them a call, you won’t regret it.

        Back Pain & Headaches

        I have known Stefaan for years now and I can honestly say there is no person/company that offers the service that Core does. And what is more eye-opening is the fact that they offer amazing services, the standard of that service, the help and advice alongside that is second to none! Keep it up, everyone!

        Andrew Dawber

        I couldn’t have been happier with the service we were provided and was surprised at how quickly the procedure for my baby’s tongue tie was. Suzanne was great and answered all our questions. After having my daughter’s tongue tie done she seemed a lot happier and fed very well; her tongue healed very quickly and she never had any problems with it after. I would definitely recommend Suzanne to people and even passed her information on to my health visitor to recommend to people. I now have a very happy baby who likes to stick her tongue out a lot!

        Charlene C

        I had been suffering for some time with a very painful bunion and had been put on a consultants’ list for an operation. I went to Stuart in desperation and after two or three visits for shockwave treatment, I was pain-free and have remained so. Needless to say, I canceled the operation. Stuart is always welcoming and friendly.

        Margaret Moss

        I had been suffering from a very bad (mostly) lower back pain, for a few years now. It got to the point whereby sitting in a chair or even doing a simple task like ironing a shirt was a painful, energy-zapping experience. I could not even finish ironing 1 shirt before my backache was too much and I had to lie down.

        Being in constant pain really took a toll on the body both physically and mentally. After seeing Core Clinics, they identified that my flat feet and a difference in leg length were to blame for most of my issues. This is where the suggestion of orthotics was mentioned.

        Now, when I first heard this and saw them, I doubted it from the get-go. I mean how can shoe insole help me with my bad back? Well, I was so desperate health-wise I decided I have nothing to lose and had a custom pair made, after having my foot 3D scanned in the correct position by the movement specialists. Long story short? It was the best investment I have made and it’s changed my life. (I am not even overstating here).

        Yes, the first week it was very painful to have them in, but easing into them, did the trick. Now I CANNOT live without them! Not only does my back not ache all day, but I can also wash the dishes, do the ironing without having to even sit down halfway through! I finish my tasks take a 5 minute to sit down after just to ensure I don’t overdo it still as I am still going through my treatment. Even my ligament pains in my knees have gone, I have a sense of balance back also. DO NOT underestimate the difference orthotics make.

        I doubted it, now I cannot live without them. Prime example, I went to play 5 a side football and I forgot my orthotics. A 1-hour mistake led to a couple of days in bed. I was in agony! and it was all down the orthotics. Do not dismiss them, try them and it may change your day to day life as it did for me. I had to share this because my energy levels are much higher than before, my depression has subdued and people have commented that I physically look happier and my aura is back. I have only just really begun my journey and I am excited to continue to work with Core Clinics to get back fighting fit again.

        Thank you to everybody at Core Clinic for all the work you do and giving my life back.

        Nikhil Judge
        Samim testimonial

        We're in the final stages of helping Core Ambassador, mixed martial arts fighter Samim Seddiqi, prepare for his first ever professional fight 🏋🏅.Samim's ambitions are modest: he only wants to be 'champion of the world'. It's our pleasure and honour to help you on your path Samim.Here's Samim's #corestory so far...

        Posted by Core Clinics on Wednesday, 17 April 2019
        Tony Stanley testimonial for Piriformis syndrome; chiropractic, sports therapy, podiatry and movement coaching

        Thank you so much to Tony for recording this video for us and for putting your trust in us.Tony came to Core in February feeling pretty low both physically and mentally after 15 years of pain and having to take daily pain-killers to manage the symptoms of piriformis syndrome. (Piriformis syndrome is a condition in which the piriformis muscle, located in the buttock region, spasms and causes buttock pain and 'sciatica-like' pain). After two months of an integrated treatment plan including chiropractic with Stefaan, sports therapy with Jack and podiatry and movement repatterning with Stuart we're delighted to say that Tony is: *** 'feeling 100% better'*** playing golf again*** and playing football with his grandchildren! We've absolutely delighted for you Tony and it's our pleasure and honour to have been able to help.

        Posted by Core Clinics on Tuesday, 30 April 2019
        Kerry Reeve Back Pain Testimonial

        Thank you to the lovely Kerry for recording this testimonial for us. Like too many patients who come to Core Kerry told us we were the first clinic to look at her body as a whole - and in doing so we found that a major cause of her 4-year-long history of back pain was her feet (yes, that's right) to find out more 😀

        Posted by Core Clinics on Tuesday, 16 April 2019
        Amy Price testimonial

        Huge thank you to the lovely Amy Price Dance Fitness for offering to record this fantastic testimonial for us and doing such a brilliant job with it 🙂. We're delighted to be making a difference to you Amy Price and look forward to supporting your continued recovery and helping you feel better than ever.

        Posted by Core Clinics on Friday, 29 March 2019


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