Healthy to the Core – How the body can heal itself

Sara Southgate

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Highly qualified naturopath and health coach Sara Southgate is here to answer your questions about her new 12 week programme – Healthy to the Core. From Sara’s own personal experience of chronic pain, this 12 week programme is aimed to teach you how you can manage your pain through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

So what exactly is a naturopath? 

Sara explains that everyone’s body has a natural ability to heal itself given the right ingredients! It’s her job to work with our bodies natural components such as diet, food intolerances and stress response to aid your body into healing.

About the 12 week programme

Do you want to have some energy left over at the end of the day (no more falling asleep on the sofa)?

Want to lose that stone that’s been stopping you wearing your nice trousers (without dieting and restriction)?

Reduce those nagging aches and pains that are making you feel old (without taking painkillers)?

Born as what started as a diet programme it soon progressed into something much more holistic as clients were noticing a lot of symptoms they had been struggling with eg. Hormone imbalances were being eradicated. Taking this knowledge, Sara has designed a programme that focuses on common complaints we get here at the clinic such as chronic pain, unresolved injuries, inflammation and musculoskeletal issues.

There are a lot of everyday habits that impact the inflammatory response in the body. For example leading a sedentary life, having too much stress on a daily basis, too much sugar – to name a few!

What will I get out of the programme?

Each week you will receive an email with a 10 minute video from Sara alongside a live coaching Q&A session providing you with her expert knowledge and how to best implement it. There is also a Facebook group to join so you can receive encouragement throughout the process from other members.

Check out the video and full interview below.

We can’t wait to have you join us on this exciting new journey with us!

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