Extreme athleticism: Hywel Davies podcast

Extreme athleticism: Hywel Davies podcast

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Hywel Davies is one of the world’s most fascinating top athletes and a Core Clinics ambassador.

He has competed at pretty much everything from bending iron bars over his head to double distance Ironmans, triathlons, and is a 2.30hr marathon runner. His versatility as an athlete and determination to succeed at any challenge that tests mental and physical strength is what makes him so special; his methods however are almost basic.

Hywel is one of the only athletes to have ever held both the team and individual 100km indoor rowing world records and was part of the first British team to ever hold the record in 1997.

Since then he’s taken titles as 2004 World Ultrafit Challenge Champion, 2008 unbeaten 7 years-in-a-row competitive Cross Training winner (after which he retired), and finished his fastest triathlon ever at 42 (looking to make next month his fastest yet at 44 as he’s chasing for a win at the Ironman World Championship in Nice) and that’s just the shortlist!

The guy is a machine; he’s climbed every mountain in the Alps and Pyrenees and can do 136 press up in a minute. And all this is fuelled by mostly nuts, eggs and water.

He brings a fundamentally no-nonsense take on training and performance and whilst it is undeniable that he has an enormous physical and mental capacity he talks with our Clinical director Stefaan Vossen about performance mindset, failure and the golden line between discomfort, discontent and performance.

Thank you Hywel for sharing your knowledge and inspiring others to embrace those challenges!

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