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Rob Pollard

14 Years of Pain

When Rob was 21 he injured his back playing golf. A simple shot led to 14 years of consistent pain. In the immediate years following it was so severe that Rob could not sit down without feeling intense pain in his lower back and left leg.

Over the next 9 years Rob consistently visited a number of Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists and though the pain was mildly reduced he had resigned himself to ‘dealing with’ constant pain day to day. No treatment seemed to be working which led to a loss of confidence in the experts. At the age of 30 Rob decided to hire a personal trainer to build strength and try to improve quality of life. Although this greatly improved the lower back pain, sciatic pain was still a problem every day.

Introduction to Core Clinics

A chance meeting with Rob through business operations led to Rob discussing his back problem with Angela.

“I had listened to many specialists over the years and thought I had heard it all. One even recommended surgery (which I didn’t take). As soon as I started to listen to Angela about Core’s approach to health and wellness I was filled with belief that they could help me. Everything that Angela said made perfect sense to me and was an approach that I had never heard before from anyone else. Other treatment clinics had always focused on my lower back pain localising treatment to that specific area. Angela talked about the body as a whole and how everything is connected so although I have lower back pain it may be other musculoskeletal issues that are causing the pain and preventing me from living a pain free life.

Angela then introduced me to Stefaan who was warm, friendly and actually listened to me. Following listening to me (which was rare in my previous experiences), he gave me complete confidence that Core were able to work with me and help me overcome my 14 year problem. This was music to my ears!”

Rob Pollard


Rob started treatment wth Stefaan with an intense treatment program to begin with followed by consistent treatment after the initial 4-5 weeks.

“I had a scan at Core so that Stefaan could fully assess my position. Again, Stefaan gave me confidence that he was able to help me through the language he used to explain things. Stefaan instantly identified that my right leg was shorter than my left which was causing an imbalance. This is something that had never been identified by previous ‘experts’ which furthered my absolute confidence in Core helping me. I know that Stefaan was working on other musculoskeletal elements but it was critical that this imbalance was fixed before anything else could progress and he achieved this quickly which led to my pain being significantly reduced. Stefaan communicated that this was the start of a journey and made his goals clear to me. When you have lived in pain for so long it’s hard to believe that those goals can be achieved but I had full trust in what Stefaan was saying. The ultimate goal was to one day play golf again which I had always believed would never happen.”

Rob Pollard


“After 3 months of treatment I was able to not only experience very little pain but I was also playing golf again which was unbelievable. Stefaan had given me confidence in my body and my mind that I was able to play again. As well as working with Stefaan, he had introduced me to other clinicians alongside the process to help with recovery. That’s the beauty about working with Core, they have experts in each field within the organisation so it’s a fluid transition. Each clinician or personal trainer has the same information so they understand your current position on the journey to recovery.

Core have given me my life back. Living pain free after 14 years is quite overwhelming and although I understand that I will never be absolutely 100%, being able to do the things I enjoy and even simple things like picking up my son without my back pain flaring up means the world to me.

Treatment and achieving improved wellness is a constant process and something I value now. I currently visit Core every 2 weeks to maintain my current position and work on continued improvement and stability. Every single person should work with Core even if there is no injury as such. They understand the human body like no other specialist I have ever worked with. Stefaan and the Core team are genius’.”

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Core Clinics have given me my life back. After 14 years of intense lower back pain and sciatica I am now pain free. I am even able to play golf which I thought would never be achievable. Stefaan and the Core team are brilliant at what they do and create a warm, welcoming customer experience. Their approach gave me confidence from the outset that they would achieve their goals and I’m pleased to say…they have.

Rob Pollard