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Case Studies

John Morland: Masters athlete

The presentation

John originally came to see us several years ago when he had been suffering with back and hip problems for quite some time.

As an accomplished Masters athlete (discuss) the problems were so severe that they had taken John out of action and he thought he would have to hang up his training shoes for good.

The assessment

Our thorough assessment showed that John’s pain was primarily caused by spinal dysfunction as a result of his many years of heavy training.

The treatment

John was initially put on an intensive course of chiropractic and massage therapy treatments and given targeted exercises. In time the frequency of treatment was reduced to a ‘maintenance’ plan.

The results

John is now fully rehabilitated and was able to take up his beloved athletics again – taking part in and winning a number of medals in Masters World Championships.

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‘For the last 5 or 6 years I’ve basically had no problems with my back and I can now continue to train, basically, for as long as I can keep my energy levels up…as long as I keep seeing Stefaan every 6 to 8 weeks!’

John Moreland