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Case Studies

Jan Hudson

In the beginning...

Significant brain trauma (car accident) which also damaged neck and jaw. Also suffers with fibromyalgia. Migraines

Planning for Recovery

Occlusion being treated by Rob Morgan. Massage therapy, trigger point therapy and chiropractic, orthotics

An Holistic Approach


Stable and functional

Jan Hudson Testimonial Core Clinics 500x350 - Jan Hudson

I had a car accident in 1986 and broke my back and hips and pelvis and fractured by neck and my skull and was unconscious for 3 months and broke a lot of other bones in the process…I recovered fairly well but I continued to suffer lots and lots of side-effects, and the problems have caught up with me. Stefaan treats the whole of me, not just part of me.

At one stage I was on 14 different tablets, and they all react against each other and they all have different side-effects.

Stefaan has helped me with the pain a lot – in my back, head and jaw. He’s sent me to have treatment on my jaw.  They treat you as a person, as a whole person

Jan Hudson