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Case Studies

Caroline Bulmer

The presentation

Caroline first came to Core in 2014, with an 8 year history of severe back and neck problems, following a shooting incident.

Caroline had undergone multiple assessments, treatments and surgical procedures prior to visiting Core but continued to have significant pain.

The assessment

Our assessment revealed that the primary underlying reason that Caroline’s treatments had not resolved her pain was that she had an 0cclusion problem. (Occlusion is the way your jaw / teeth come together). This can have a significant impact on back pain.

The treatment

The first priority was to address Caroline’s occlusion issue. This was done by having a special dental splint made for Caroline by Dr Francesca Luraghi in Como, Italy – Dr Luraghi is a world-renowned expert in the field.

Thereafter an intensive rehabilitation treatment plan including chiropractic and physical therapy helped Caroline to adjust to the splint and to gradually work through the many years of dysfunctional patterns in the rest of her body.


The results

Following 8 years of pain Caroline is now pain-free and has been stable for the past 2 years, with the proviso that regular maintenance treatments are given.

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It’s taken me from someone who was just sort of existing really, but permanently in pain to now….I don’t have to think about any of that. I can go to the gym…I can go for long walks, I can drive, I can, you know, live like a normal human being.

Caroline Bulmer