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The Coventry based chiropractors at Core have been hand-picked in order to offer you the chiropractic services that we believe are most important and valuable to you.

Whether you have come with a specific health problem, or with the intention of improving your overall health and wellbeing, or your sports performance, our chiropractors in Coventry will support you to achieve the best possible results for you.

Alternatively, if you aren’t sure how to approach your health problems or how best to improve your performance, our Coventry based chiropractor will gladly make a recommendation on which treatment will suit your needs.

Our Treatment Process

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Our new patient assessments are comprehensive, and we frequently identify underlying causes that have not been picked up previously. Assessments include a complete medical history-taking, a thorough biomechanical assessment and detailed consultation. Spinal scans and body composition scans will also generally be taken.

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Recommendations & Initial Treatment Plan

Patients are asked to return for a second ‘Report of Findings’ visit after the initial assessment in order to allow time for a full discussion. Your chiropractor will explain what they have found from the initial assessment, and the recommended course of treatment. The treatment may include chiropractic treatment and often also involves one or a number of treatments with colleagues in our integrated team.

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Delivery of Treatment

Most patients whose problem is longstanding require a course of treatment. This can be quite intensive at the beginning (you may be asked to visit the clinic a couple of times a week initially) in order to address underlying issues and bring rapid relief from pain, and overall improvement. Chiropractic sessions are often combined with soft tissue therapy, movement re-patterning or other therapies for maximum benefit and rapid progress.

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We build in regular reviews to ensure that you and your chiropractor are happy with the progress being made. Reviews will typically be scheduled after your 6th treatment visit, at 6 weeks, and at the end of your initial treatment protocol. The review appointment gives you and your chiropractor the opportunity to review your progress, address any concerns, and make or refine the forward plan.

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Once the condition or issue you originally sought treatment for has been resolved or stabilised it is often necessary and beneficial for you to continue to have occasional treatments for ‘maintenance’. Maintenance care reduces the likelihood of your problems returning and of new injuries or problems arising.

Core Clinics offer a personalised, proactive and holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

We enable patients and clients to overcome their health challenges, and support professional athletes to perform at their optimal best.