Are Smart Cocktails the Answer to Hangover-Free Heads This Party Season?

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Imagine enjoying a cocktail-fuelled night out that not only left you sharp and focused at work the next day but also completely hangover-free. The answer could be functional or ‘smart’ cocktails.

These are drinks that may sound like a regular cocktail, but also include special ingredients – nootropics to boost brain function and adaptogens to help the body deal with stress. Some even believe they can mimic that ‘tipsy’ feeling too.

Sara Southgate, naturopath and herbalist for Core Clinics, believes in the power of these special plants but maintains it’s how you drink them that matters.

Sara states “Lion’s mane can noticeably improve brain function, and rosemary can create alertness… but the thing with nootropics is that it takes time and regular consumption at the right dose. Similarly, adaptogens are powerfully effective but need to be taken over a period of weeks, even months, not in just a single dose.

Interested? You can read the full article here.

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