Anti-inflammatories and coronavirus / Covid-19

Anti-inflammatories and coronavirus / Covid-19

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UPDATE 18th March: VOLTAROL and other topical anti-inflammatories have now also been added to the list of medications that are contraindicated for pain and fever due.


There is a growing consensus in the medical and scientific community that anti-inflammatory medications may suppress the strength of your normal immune response to Covid-19.

People often take anti-inflammatories to help with pain and chronic conditions, but in the current circumstances it seems advisable that you try to find alternatives.

Anti-inflammatory medications including ibuprofen and cortisone are also used to treat a number of chronic conditions that may already increase vulnerability to Covid-19 e.g. breathing disorders.
If you are affected by any of these conditions or taking any of these types of medications we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice.

> If you are buying over the counter anti-inflammatory medications check with a pharmacist for possible alternatives.

> If you are on prescription anti-inflammatories, speak to your GP

Online / telephone contact options are increasingly being offered for both GPs and pharmacies; feel free to contact us to speak to Dr Jeff Foster.

Anti-inflammatory medications include:

* Ibuprofen (including branded medications with ‘rofen’ in the title e.g. nurofen, calprofen and also check packages e.g. anadin contains ibuprofen)

* Naproxen (a strong prescription painkiller)

* Cortisone / Prednisolone (steroid medications used to treat allergic disorders, skin conditions, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, or breathing disorders)

Some alternative medications such as paracetamol (which is being recommended if you have a fever) also appear to be in short supply.

As a team we are working very hard to consider what we can do to help people who find themselves unable to use their usual medications and healthcare options due to developing events.

We are looking into options including telephone and skype consultations, and weekend clinics for more vulnerable patients to limit your social contact and more.

We would welcome any suggestions or requests you may have and as always, will do our best to respond and meet them.

We of course offer a range of non-pharmaceutical treatments and protocols for conditions including pain, inflammatory conditions, anxiety and health anxiety and private GP service; we will be doing our very best to offer additional ways for people in need to access these services and treatments in the coming weeks.

Please watch this space for regular updates and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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