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We all experience aches and pains in our bodies from time to time. If you suffer with diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions that cause aches and pains, we can help.

When aches and pains become chronic or problematic the causes can be many and varied.

Sometimes the cause of aches and pains seems fairly obvious – like aching muscles after a day of heavy gardening or tense shoulders when you’ve been working a lot on your laptop. Changes in lifestyle or lifestage – for example pregnancy, menopause, or just a change of working patterns – can cause new pain symptoms that you haven’t had to deal with before. 

Sometimes there’s a musculoskeletal component due to repetitive strain, but factors including underlying conditions, hormonal balance, nutritional deficiencies, psychological challenges and inflammatory responses can also be at play.

Sub-conditions and symptoms we can help with

Aches and pains in specific parts of your body or generalised achiness:

Ache and Pain
Ache and Pain

Treatment options

Although some chronic conditions which cause aches and pains – like osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia – are often not fully resolvable or reversible, fortunately this doesn’t mean you just have to “learn to live with” their symptoms. In most cases we tend to recommend an ‘integrated’ treatment protocol combined with lifestyle changes. This might involve you having appointments with several members of the team initially – for example, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition consultations. We’ll explain our full findings and recommendations for you after your first appointment as well as letting you know what results you can expect to achieve.

For more ‘musculoskeletal’ type pain our treatment plans can help alleviate symptoms by restoring mobility in the joints, stretching the muscles and using myofascial techniques to loosen muscles so that function is improved and pain and stiffness is minimised. 

Combining hands-on therapies with nutrition and lifestyle changes and exercises such as walking or swimming can significantly improve both pain levels and your overall well being.

To identify who is the best practitioner to consult about your aches and pains check our handy guide here or contact the clinic.

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Lots of clinics have different healthcare professionals under the same roof but they don’t tend to collaborate fully or share care with patients. They also don’t have clear and proven care protocols which have been tested and refined to provide the best possible results, and value for time and money for patients. At Core Clinics all our clinicians and therapists work in an integrated way, adapted to the needs of each patient. So, when you make a first appointment with anyone in our team, you’ll have access to everyone in our team – and we’ll clearly signpost to you who you should see and what you can do to help yourself too. We’ve developed and refined this approach for over 15 years and helped over 13,000 patients.

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aches and pains

Frequently asked questions

Stress can cause your muscles to tense up. This muscle tension is a reflex action and is the body’s way of guarding against injury or pain. Over time, this tension can cause pain in pretty much any part of your body. As stress lowers the body’s immune response, the aches and pains can also be the product of viral or bacterial infection, so it’s worth identifying the cause in order to find the best remedy for those aches and pains.

Studies have shown that women are almost twice as likely to have chronic pain diagnoses along with menopause symptoms. While the relationship between menopause and increased pain levels isn’t understood very well yet, it definitely can be linked to changing hormone levels.

Dehydration can aggravate chronic pain, so it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Being dehydrated can also increase your risk of injury, as well as increase your chance of muscle cramps or spasms.

Like menopause, pregnancy also has a lot of hormonal changes, so experiencing body aches and pains are normal. The most frequent complaints include pelvic pain and lower back pain.

There are lots of remedies available, depending on where the ache or pain is. A warm bath can help, as does gentle exercise like swimming or walking. Over-the-counter pain medications like paracetamol can help too. Ultimately, you want to identify where the pain originates from (injury or other), whether it is a lifestyle, life stage, or musculoskeletal issue, and then take steps from there.

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