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About Core Clinics

Helping you to achieve your potential.

We have hand-picked our team of clinicians and therapists to support our patients in achieving the best possible state of health and wellbeing.

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Core Clinics was founded in 2009 by our Clinical Director, Dr Stefaan Vossen DC. Since then we have grown from a one-clinician chiropractic clinic to a multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic with a team of over 30 people.

Our team of clinicians and therapists come from wide-ranging backgrounds across  medicine, sports healthcare, allied healthcare professions, and complementary and alternative healthcare.

We have grown our team gradually and carefully to ensure that all of our practitioners deliver the exceptional service that we expect for our patients. Each team member is clinically skilled and experienced, passionate about patient care, and committed to the integrated approach to health that we know delivers the best possible results.

Our clinicians are supported by our exceptional administrative team and all of our patients are looked after by our ‘Patient Experience’ team whose friendly professionalism is second to none.


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You can TRUST us. Almost 10,000 patients have. But we know we still need to earn YOUR trust.

We understand that you won’t entrust just anyone with your health, wellbeing – perhaps even your career. Especially if you have been disappointed by your experiences with other clinics or have been told by experts that nothing more can be done. We know that we need to work hard to earn your trust and keep it. We understand that what you care about isn’t what we’ve done to help others – it’s how we can help you.

But we hope that our track record will give you the confidence to take a first step with us. Since we opened the doors of our first clinic in Warwick in 2009 almost 10,000 patients have put their trust in us. Around 80% of our patients have come to us via recommendation from other happy patients – people who have sent their friends, family and colleagues to us with confidence. We’d love to have the opportunity to do the same for you.

Amongst the almost 10,000 patients we have worked with are likely to be hundreds or even thousands of people with similar problems to yours. This level of specific experience in helping people like you means we are extremely likely to be able to quickly and accurately identify the causes of your problem, identify the best plan for you, and deliver results.

With some problems – like chronic back pain – we have so much experience that we can predict with a high degree of accuracy how things will go; which very few clinics are able to do.

When you see any professional at Core Clinics you have access to the expertise of all our professionals and our extended professional network; whether you are directly treated by a specific clinician or whether you benefit from their expertise when your own clinician seeks additional input from colleagues.

Not only are our clinicians all experts in their individual fields but we have spent over 10 years helping patients together in a multi-disciplinary team. This means that we are constantly improving treatment outcomes by improving the combinations of treatments and the treatment protocols that we offer our patients.

Our experience means we can be very clear about whether, or not, we are likely to be able to help you and how much of an improvement we’re likely to be able to help you achieve. So, it’s highly unlikely that if you follow our care recommendations you won’t see a significant improvement.

We’re open long hours, in an easily accessible countryside location with free patient parking right next to the clinic so you don’t have to battle traffic or find parking.

Whether you see one or several professionals in our team, our patient care team will help you to coordinate it all to fit in with your busy life – no more having to plan different appointments on different days in different places.

We offer a variety of payment solutions including extended payment plans.

If there’s anything else we can do to make life easier for you, please let us know.

Our patients consistently tell us that our customer care and hospitality are second to none. We strive to deliver service that is professional but always personal and warm. We always aim to understand and deliver to your expectations and needs but we also aim to go beyond that; to surprise and delight you.

We understand that you don’t only care about money; the value of your time, and a life without pain or health problems, where you are able to do more of the things you love, is priceless. With this in mind, we have developed treatment plans that deliver the optimal results in the most cost and time efficient way.

We want you to experience an improvement in pain and other symptoms as quickly as possible and for that improvement to be sustained and built upon. This might mean that your initial protocol is quite intensive, but in the long-term you will spend less or your money and time on keeping yourself out of pain and performing at your best.

1) We’ll help you to identify the best expert to see first in our team

If you’re not sure your first appointment should be with, we can help you decide.

If, after your first appointment, your clinician feels that there is someone else in the
team or outside of our team who is better placed to help you, we can organise it for you.

If there are other people in the team, or outside of our team, who we think could help you in combination we’ll let you know your options.


2) A Comprehensive And Welcoming First Appointment

At your first appointment (your Initial Assessment) we leave no stone unturned. If you have a pressing problem like pain or an injury, of course we’ll want to help you with that. But we also go beyond that to identify the reasons you have the pain or injury in the first place, and how we can help you avoid future problems.

We’ll ask you a lot of questions about your health – not just about your current problem.

We’ll record a lot of data about things like your posture (posture scan) and general health (like blood pressure).

We’ll do a thorough physical assessment with you.

We’ll explain what we’re doing and why as we go along and answer any questions.


3) A Clear and Complete Report of Findings and Recommendations

A day or so after your first appointment we invite you back to the clinic to go through everything and answer any more questions you might have.

Wherever possible we offer you the chance to have a Patient Care Partner – a senior member of our non-clinical team – sit in on your second appointment. Their job is to make sure that you’re completely happy and clear about everything and to get everything organised for you after the appointment.

We will tell you: What the problem is (our diagnosis), whether we can help, the plan we recommend, how much it’s likely to cost, how long it’s likely to take, and how much of an improvement you’re likely to see.  

We’ll respond to any further questions or concerns you might have until you’re completely happy with your plan.


4) Your Initial Plan

For most of our patients, we recommend quite an intensive initial treatment protocol (typically at least 2 visits a week to the clinic for the first few weeks). This is because we want to help you see rapid improvement and from working with thousands of patients, we’ve found this is the best approach to achieve fast and lasting results.

This initial plan typically takes between 4 and 10 weeks depending on how complicated or long-standing your problem is, and how quickly you want and need to see improvements.

You may see one, or several, of our team members during this period but everything will be overseen by one person – your ‘Case Manager’ – someone who’s most experienced in helping patients with your type of problems.


5) Review Visits

As you come to the end of your initial plan, we’ll invite you to a review appointment with your Case Manager.

We’ll discuss in detail how you have progressed since your first appointment, answer any questions or concerns and talk about what you’d like to do next.

We might agree that we have a little more work to do together to get to where we want to be; we might agree that we’re really happy with your progress and talk about how to keep you in a good place; or we might talk about some new goals you’d like to set and work on together.

Although it’s rare, if for any reason the initial plan hasn’t quite worked for you we’ll discuss alternative options whether within or beyond our clinic.

Again, we can put everything in writing for you and discuss any questions or concerns you have until you’re completely clear and happy.


6) Forward Plan

Once we’ve agreed the best forward plan for you our Patient Care team will again get everything planned and scheduled for you – whether this is just for regular check-ups, maintenance care, or a plan to take you to your next health or performance goals.

We’ll continue to invite you for reviews so we can check we’re still meeting your needs and answering all your questions.

The Team

The team at the core of everything we do

Clinical Team

Dr Stefaan Vossen

Dr Stefaan Vossen (DC)

Clinical Director, Chiropractor
Dr Emma Rush

Dr Emma Rush

Dr Katie North

Katie North

David Brown

David Brown

Movement Specialist / Occupational Therapist
Dr Jeff Foster

Dr Jeff Foster

General Practitioner

Neil Simms

Jack Hinks

Jack Hinks

Sports Therapist
Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

Meeta Chohan Pilates Teacher

Meeta Adshera

Pilates Teacher

Admin Team

Maggie Greenway

Maggie Greenway

Senior Receptionist
Megan Reid

Megan Reid

Patient Care Administrator
Becky Owen

Becky Owen

Practice Co-ordinator
Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Practice Co-ordinator
Angela Vossen

Angela Vossen

Company Secretary

Reception Team

Fiona Scott-Dawe


Clinic Mascot

Corey the Core Bear

Clinic mascot

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