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2021 Patient Survey

In September we invited all our patients to respond to our Bi-Annual Patient Care Survey

We would like to thank all of our patients who took the time and trouble to respond to our request for feedback – your ratings and comments really help us to focus on what we are doing well and where we can continue to improve.

We have reviewed the survey results alongside other patient reviews and feedback, and we would like to share an executive summary of the results and let you know some of the key actions we are committed to undertaking as a result.

The summary results of the survey can be viewed here.

Our key observations and actions from the survey are as follows…

Net promoter score

Net promoter score is used by many businesses to evaluate how well they are meeting or exceeding customer or patient needs. We are very pleased to see that our NPS has increased since 2019, and significantly increased since 2017. It is our aim to increase our NPS further and we hope that by responding to feedback from this survey and additional patient insight, we will see an even greater level of patient satisfaction and advocacy in the coming year(s).


Up 3%Up 29%Base


How NPS is calculated (based on likelihood to recommend question)

Key focus areas – where we have scored lower than c. 9.3/10

We will conduct further qualitative research with patients and review our other sources of feedback to gain more specific insight into ways that we can improve in the following areas

a) Overall clinical team (9/10)

We will explore whether the lower score for the clinical team overall as compared to primary clinician is due to issues with specific team members and / or lesser understanding and strength of relationship with secondary care team members.

b) Customer care first visit / overall service from team (9.2/10)

To be reviewed with patient participation group to identify specific issues and opportunities for improvement.

c) Spending right amount of time (9.2/10)

Appointment times have been increased post-Covid, and our score has improved in this area since our last survey, so we will be maintaining the longer appointment times. Further research to be conducted to see whether changes to appointment lengths and / or to the way appointments are structured are wanted.

d) Communications and information (8.8/10)

This area is one of our lowest scores. We have some insight from the survey into patient wants and needs in terms of communication of likely costs, self-care advice, and understanding of conditions. Again, further patient feedback and insight will be sought before we refine plans in this area.

e) Ability to get through on phone / responsiveness: (4.3/5) 

We have now set up an online booking facility and patient portal. We hope that this will be a more convenient and 24/7 way for patients who prefer to do things online to book or change appointments or access their patient records. This should, in turn, reduce our inbound call and email volume, enabling the patient care team to be more accessible and responsive.

We are also reviewing our telephone system with a view to introducing a new system in early 2022 to improve call routing and ensure that we manage resource levels around periods of peak demand.

f) Ability to get appointments I want

We are on target in this area, but we will probe this further with patients to ascertain whether amended opening hours e.g. Saturdays or availability with specific practitioners or services would be beneficial.

g) Quality, pricing and value / cost of care

As compared to our last survey, results indicate that we now represent increased value and have pricing that is in line with other providers. We have tried very hard to absorb additional Covid and business / employer-related cost increases in the past 2 years and not pass these on to patients. We aim to provide a superior clinical and patient care experience, which patient feedback indicates we are providing.

We have scored slightly under our target for quality of service which we aim to address by focusing on the specific areas highlighted above. We will continue to focus on providing excellent value for money.  

Summary of additional specific comments from the survey

Although the specific feedback and comments we have received have been overwhelmingly positive, we are also grateful to those patients who offered us constructive criticism and we would like to assure you that both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ comments have been passed on and discussed with the relevant people. Because the survey was anonymous, we could not respond to you directly but we are very grateful for your feedback.

A couple of specific comment areas that we have identified and will be focusing on include:

Services awareness and integrated care:

Ad hoc comments indicated some patients are not aware of / or being offered services we already offer which they would like to see. We try to strike the balance between recommending the most beneficial treatment options for each patient while not overwhelming or seeming to ‘sell’.We will continue to explore how best to strike this balance.

Comfort of treatment couch

Stefaan’s beloved semi-antique treatment table is part of the Core story but, we acknowledge, is becoming overdue for a well-deserved retirement. We have a new chiropractic table on order and we are also in the process of reviewing and upgrading our other treatment tables.

Invoicing / insurance / cost of care

Small number of comments in this area. We will review these in evaluation of pricing / value and communication around cost of care.

Comments about ability to get through, get an appointment etc. are being addressed in the sections above

Comments about specific clinicians have been passed on and discussed

Finally, survey length to be reduced to prevent drop off so that more patients complete the survey (brand image questions to be removed)

If you have any further comments related to the survey, results, or our proposed priority action plan, please contact Angela Vossen at

If you would be interested in being involved in our patient participation group (commitment to c. 4 meetings / sessions a year either online or in person) please also contact Angela.

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