Dorte Jensen

Perfect your posture

Dorte is an experienced Level 3 Pilates teacher, qualified and registered with the Body Control Pilates Association, with over 5 years experience of teaching group classes and one to one clients.

Dorte has special expertise in pilates for rehabilitation – anything from surgical prehab and rehab (e.g. spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, pre and post hip replacement) and post-injury rehab, to helping people with chronic pain and movement problems (tennis elbow, neck and shoulder problems). Dorte has also taught clients with MS, Parkinson’s and EDS.

On the other end of the spectrum Dorte has also worked with many athletes looking to get back to their sport after injury, and enhance their performance. Amongst others she has worked with marathon runners, tri-athletes, swimmers at British national level, golfers, rowers and cyclists.

At Core, Dorte offers one to one or 2 person mat based pilates sessions, enabling her to offer a more tailored and focused programme for her clients.

Dorte says ‘Anyone can benefit from pilates as it works on strengthening the body, increasing flexibility and balance, and  improving posture and alignment. I have worked with clients from 13 to 85, and of all abilities.

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Dorte Jensen

  • Body Control Pilates teacher
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