Charlie Ward

Keeping you moving in life, sport and performance

Charlie is an experienced Sports and Laryngeal Manual Therapist, and treats a wide variety of sports professionals and individuals for injury prevention, rehabilitation, maintenance, and to improve their general health and wellbeing.

Charlie is also one of a handful of Laryngeal Manual Therapists in the UK treating professional and amateur singers and voice users from all over the UK. LMT is very effective in treating symptoms that affect the voice, the overall functioning of the larynx and the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint).

Conditions such as MTD (Muscle Tension Dysphonia), loss of vocal range, constriction whilst voicing, vocal fatigue, jaw discomfort, bruxism (teeth grinding), headaches and migraines are all successfully treated using a combination of LMT and soft tissue techniques.

LMT is not only effective for singers and actors, anyone that uses the voice on a daily basis such as sales reps, call centre agents, presenters, speakers, and teachers can all benefit from LMT.

Charlie’s personal and previous professional experience has inspired and informed his key interest areas within his soft tissue therapy practice. He is a keen and active cyclist and also a semi-professional singer, having sung with some of the industry’s top musicians including ‘Blur’.

Charlie’s aim is to help all of his clients achieve their personal goals using a mixture of these therapies, whether this be reaching their full sporting or performance potential, recovering from injury, or to simply improve their lifestyle and general health and wellbeing.

Charlie’s goal is to ‘keep you moving in life, sport and performance’.

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Charlie Ward: Sports massage and Laryngeal manual therapist

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