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Becky offers a complete foot care service including nail cutting, treatment of corns and callouses, ingrown toenails, and foot rub.

Following an initial assessment and any remedial treatment Becky recommends regular treatments every 6 to 12 weeks depending on your particular requirements, any issues and your rate of nail growth.

Laser for fungal nail: Laser treatment is another possible option if you have a fungal nail infection that’s particularly stubborn. The laser emits high doses of light energy, which destroy the fungus. Research shows that laser treatment is a safe and effective procedure, with some studies reporting a success rate of up to 90% at three months. Treatment is once a week for 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks depending on your body’s capacity to react to the laser

Rossiters pain relief therapy: Commonly used by podiatrists for foot and leg problems, Rossiters is a manual therapy technique that can be successfully used to treat many areas of musculoskeletal pain in the body. Rossiters therapy targets the body’s connective tissue system which shortens and tightens when over-stretched or injured. These techniques use weight and active stretching to loosen and lengthen the entire network of tissue to its natural state. If Rossiters is going to be effective for your specific pain presentation the results will be immediate.

Reflexology: Reflexology is a gentle, holistic therapy that can be a beneficial treat for foot problems, general relaxation and stress relief and to induce a feeling of emotional and physical balance. An initial course of 6 sessions, once a week, then a regular fortnightly or monthly maintenance treatment is recommended.

Aromatherapy Massage: Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that treats the mind, body and spirit. When essential oils are applied to the body during a massage, they are absorbed by the skin through the hair follicles where they are absorbed into the blood stream and circulated around the body.

Aromatherapy has many benefits to the person being treated and can enhance mood and general feelings of well-being, improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Depending upon the essential oils selected by the therapist, the blood vessels will either constrict or dilate thereby raising or lowering blood pressure, balancing the hormone production by the endocrine system. Essential oils such as clary sage can mimic oestrogen, strengthen the immune system by helping to kill viruses, bacteria and fungal infections, reduce pain, encourage restful sleep, and improve digestion.



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Becky Brown

  • Foot health practitioner
  • Aromatherapist
  • Reflexologist
  • Lipotripsy practitioner
  • Accredited register of foot health practitioners no: MPSP33401